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When Derick RodRozen started working as an interior designer, it became clear quickly that his unique vision would be sought after by clients. Even while working for another company, he had clients seeking him out for work on his own. Derick started operating as a sole proprietor to serve these clients, but word continued to spread about his work. A few years after taking on these clients as a side project, it had become full-time work for Derick. Soon, he and his partner, Steven, knew it was time to incorporate. RodRozen Designs Inc was born.


Steven heads up the business side of things, but Derick is the talent on which the business rests. His talent for design and his ability to envision end results is such that others often have a challenge understanding his full vision until a project is completed.


“Derick has a unique gift for design. Few can do what he can do visually or creatively. We see it time and again when he comes into a room and he gets a full vision, then tries to explain it, and it’s still hard to follow, then he draws it, but it’s not until the project is completed that you can fully grasp the vision,” explains Steven.


This talent, as well as RodRozen’s growth into a full-service design and build company, has resulted in the Vancouver-based company garnering several awards over the years. They won a 2017 Georgie Award for Best Condo Renovation under $100,000, as well as the Best Condo Renovation under $250,000. In 2016, the company won a Georgie Award for Best Residential Renovation over $800,000 as well as an Ovation Award for Best Condo Renovation over $200,000. It’s clear that RodRozen can do any project, of any size, and excel at the work.


While talent and a comprehensive construction and design are the core of the business, a large part of the company’s successful formula lies somewhere completely different – their relationships with other businesses.


“Relationships, just like in life, in business, are key to success,” says Steven. He explains that RodRozen has been working with some of the same contractors for over a decade, and they know what to expect from RodRozen and vice versa. As a result, any possible problems are easier to spot and any surprise roadblocks are easier to resolve when they do appear. Such relationships also lead to referrals and word of mouth marketing, both of which were crucial to RodRozen’s growth when it was just Derick operating as a sole proprietor.


Now, RodRozen has a strong presence in Vancouver’s Coal Harbor neighborhood. They have nine employees, a full design showroom, and plenty of upcoming projects to keep them busy. One upcoming project that Steven is enthusiastic about is the addition of 3,000 square feet to an existing luxury property in the Kerrisdale neighborhood of Vancouver. Renovation value over a million dollars, the project is one of the larger that RodRozen works on, though they have done several on this scale before. They are aiming to finish this specific project by early 2018.

As they look to this, and other, future projects, Steven sees the company reaching a point where about 25% of their work is commercial and the remainder is residential. The housing market in Vancouver has been booming, and Steven even describes it as “wild,” noting the government even tried to temper some of the foreign investment in real estate with the implementation of a 15% foreign buyers tax. That tax inserted uncertainty into the market for a time, but Steven observes that the market is evening out a bit, and RodRozen expects to continue their work renovating homes and inspiring homeowners in Vancouver.


Though they expect residential work to remain the majority of their portfolio, RodRozen does expect to reach a bit more into commercial work, especially in the healthcare industry. And with all this going on, RodRozen has plans to reinvent their own space, certainly an important undertaking for a company whose reputation rests on the quality of design.


But Steven and Derick are up for the challenge. They’ve built a life and a company together, and both are completely dedicated to the success of RodRozen Designs.


“The company is our child, we love everything about it, we love everything we do. Care and nurturing has helped the company grow. It’s our world and our life,” says Steven.


Though the company is Derick and Steven’s child, they are clear that building the business to this point is not a journey they could have taken on alone. Steven credits their dedicated staff, as well as the relationships with clients for the continued success of RodRozen Designs.


With a strong real estate market in Vancouver, a reputation for stellar design work, the capability for full construction work, and a network of supporters, RodRozen Designs is poised to continue on the road of strong growth.