RND Construction


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RND Construction started out in 1990 as a construction company doing primarily residential and commercial renovation work. Doing quality work, the company soon grew its market share and thereafter developed a reputation for specializing in the environmentally friendly and energy efficient building niche.


The company has recently started focusing on production homes, which are homes that are identical but can be customized, but has retained their focus on and commitment to environmentally friendly building. “Sustainability with style” is one of their mottos, and the awards they have racked up over the years show that they have succeeded in impressing not only their clients, but the industry as a whole. They are perennial winners for local and provincial awards, and have also garnered recognition nationwide and industry-wide for their work. Though applying for awards is time-consuming and uses resources, it appears to have paid off for RND Construction.


Every building that RND Construction works on is at least Energy Star Status, but many surpass it. They have built LEED Platinum homes in Ottawa, and another building they constructed was 42% more efficient than the national building code. The marketplace has recognized that they are the only firm that focuses entirely on environmental practices, so they are sought after. Designers, architects, and others in the industry approach them for work. They still do some social media marketing, but word of mouth has been the most beneficial sales tool for RND Construction.


RND Construction refers to their partners and associates in the industry as “ambassadors” for this reason, recognizing the value of cultivating relationships and impressing everyone they work with. RND Construction is also appreciate of and recognizes the value of the talent they work with, noting that they partner with amazing engineers, designers, architects, and subcontractors every day to get their work done. Many of these companies and firms are businesses RND Construction has met through the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Organization, a group that RND Construction says is essential for industry relationships. Without the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Organization, they wouldn’t have access to many of the consultants and suppliers they have now gotten to know and work with.


Right now, RND Construction is focused on their River Park Green Project. It is a unique project that is made up of production homes, though they are being upgraded to feel like customized homes. Each of the buildings in the River Park Green Project has been done as sustainably and as environmentally friendly as possible, keeping with RND Construction’s mission. In addition to their residential specialization, RND Construction has also done much work for dentists’ and doctors’ offices, though they have recently been laying low on the commercial side of work. Some residential projects that RND Construction has done run over $800,000, while commercial renovations have been known to exceed $1 million.


While the housing market in Ottawa is strong, and RND Construction has had no trouble getting renovation work or building their business, there are certain policies they are concerned about. Among them is the high taxes and growing number of fees that builders and homeowners have to contend with. They are also concerned to a degree about the minimum wage increase, saying they understand the need for an increase but rapidly raising it may do more harm than good for businesses that all of a sudden find their bottom line decreasing as wages rise quickly.


Overall, though, RND Construction sees a bright future ahead with projects like River Park Green. They plan to continue focusing on sustainability, and providing a quality product. That, for RND Construction, comes first. Quality is always their first focus, and then they think about their bottom line. It’s a strategy that has served them well, and with a growing focus on environmental concerns, they likely won’t see a slowdown in business anytime soon.